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The 4am Alarm

It's been years since the old commercial, "gotta make the donuts" aired, but I am sure that many of you remember it vividly. It was from a time when donut makers woke in the middle of the night because donuts take time to make, 3 hours in fact from mixing a raised dough to a completed product. There are shortcuts a donut maker can take. They involve prep work and a freezer. At that point, however, it is difficult to use the word "fresh" in a discussion about your product. Instead of wrestling with out conscience about the use of the adjective "fresh" we choose skip the freezer and set the 4am alarm because of two reasons: We are very proud of what we do, and you're worth it.

About 5 minutes after the alarm goes off, the fogginess of sleep wears off and the excitement sets in. Those that know me know that I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm excited about making donuts every day. I am sure that I drive my coworkers crazy talking a mile a minute when they come in for the early shift. For over 40 years now I've gotten up early and headed to the shop, either watching and tasting as a child, working for my parents, or now being the one responsible for caring for this wonderful business.

Even though I get strange looks from my family as I say goodnight while it is still light out, getting up early suits me just fine. I'll be ready for another chance at chasing the dream of making perfect donuts.

Sleep well.


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