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Madsen Donuts

Started in 1938 by Carl Madsen, our donut shop has been a staple of the Lake Erie shoreline for 80 years in the beautiful resort town of Geneva.on.the.Lake, Ohio.  ​

With highly guarded recipes created by Mr. Madsen himself, we begin each day with raw materials and end with a finished product within hours.  Nothing frozen.  Nothing made the night before.  We do it the hard way because we think that you are worth it.  

In our business, perfection is not possible.  But you can be sure that we have been chasing perfection every day for the past 80 years.  



Once in a while we put peeps and Christmas decorations on our donuts, but most of the time we keep it simple.  12 kinds of donuts, the same as it has been for as long as we can remember.  Traditional.  Fresh.  Delicious.  

The Creamsticks are the best seller, but you probably already know that.  But if we could make a suggestion, throw a glazed cake donut or cake donut with peanut with cream in your dozen next time you stop in.  We have some hidden gems that might have you saying, "Why didn't I try this before?!?!"



The Madsen Donuts Signature Blend is produced locally by an artisanal roaster especially for us to perfectly compliment our hand crafted donuts.  Comprised of three different coffees hailing from different regions of the coffee growing world, this brew is characterized by a rich and full bodied flavor that we know you will love. 

Available by the cup or by the bag for brewing at home.  



Kind.  Polite.  Hard-working.  

That describes the fantastic crew we have working at our shop.  

From Gillian the aspiring artist to Jacob who just loves to fish, the entire crew brings their own personality to our workplace.  

The two things we have in common is that we all have passion for what we do, and we all enjoy working with each other.  

Just ask Emily pictured to the right....she was really angry that we took her picture!

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